Elevate Your Commute & Avoid Touching Bars, Rails & Doors & Spreading Germs With Our Personal Frenka Travel Handle

  • Stylish Subway Barrier Handle that Keeps You Safe
  • Several Colors to Choose From
  • Light Weight, Portable Travel Handle
  • Stress Ball Handle Grip

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Snap On, Twist Off

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Easy to Use:

  • Snap the hook onto the bar and hold onto the comfortable stress ball hold.
  • The hook snugs tightly around the bar and the grip prevents the hook from sliding on the bar.
  • To remove, simply twist to unhook it from the bar for a quick release and go.

Germs are everywhere during your commute. Take extra precautions and avoid touching the train bars that everyone else has touched, and help limit the spread of germs to yourself, family and community.



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