5 Dirty Things in Public That Can Make You Sick

Published June 18th, 2021 by Frenka, LLC

Without frequent reminders of some dangers, people grow complacent. like going outside without a coat until you nearly freeze, remember that germs spread disease falls to the side until illness is everywhere.

One factor contributing to this is the out-of-sight-out-of-mind adage. It's easy to forget how dirty things are when you can't see the microbes.

Dirty Things in Public

Where sight fails, you can rely on awareness to carry you. So, here are five dirty things to watch out for in public.

Not that touching a dirty substance is an issue in itself. The problem is where that hand goes after

Trying to keep track of your hands is a psychological nightmare. The more you think about not touching your face, the more likely you'll develop a twitch or itch that MUST be touched. 

Even with renewed vigor in cleaning up some surfaces, you encounter in public, there's still a lot to watch out for. The best way to avoid dirty substances is to wash your hands and do your best to not touch them in the first place. 

1. Car Doors

Even the most hygenic people give themselves a good clean after they enter their cars, not before. The barrier between the inside clean world and the dirty outside world is the car door. 

Both the internal and external handles accumulate over time. This makes them one of those unseen germy things to watch out for.

2. Gas Pumps

Speaking of cars, the places you fuel up aren't exactly washed frequently. 

Before you touch the pump you touch the car door, which makes this stack on the previous item. Gas pumps are the things with the most germs at a gas station, no matter how unsanitary the washroom might be.

3. Phones

Phones are ubiquitous in life and get touched when we're not thinking about our hands. They also go right to your face, increasing the already numerous times this happens.

The advance of touch screens means that you're even more likely to turn your phone into one of the most portable dirty things you touch in public. 

4. Public Transit

Be it a subway, metro car, or bus, the surfaces in these mass transit units don't get washed per passenger. 

Any time you hold on to avoid getting jostled, you are exposed to hours of what other people have left behind. 

5. Frozen Foods Aisle

Your local grocery frozen foods aisle sees an unfortunate number of temperature fluctuations as things open and shut. While the food itself is fine, the residue on the packaging has enough time to blossom and become a problem.

Be Safe

Sure, there are a lot of dirty things in public. Fortunately, only so many of the surfaces you come into contact with daily are a problem. Washing your hands and being mindful take care of a lot of the issues after the fact.

Be aware and if you can avoid touching a surface, do. If you have questions about our products (designed to help with that) contact us

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