Healthy Public Transport Tips for Commuting in the 5 Boroughs of NYC

Published March 22nd, 2021 by Frenka, LLC

Public transport has become an easy way to spread sicknesses from one person to hundreds of others. In fact, using public transportation is associated with a higher likelihood of testing positive for COVID-19. We live in a time when staying healthy is so important and we need to learn how to stay safe during a pandemic.

By following these pandemic public transport tips, we can prevent sickness and stay healthy. Keep reading to learn more about our public transport pandemic safety tips. 

Keep Your Distance From Others

As we are all aware, social distancing helps prevent the spread of highly transmissible diseases. Public transportation may make it difficult to stay away from others, but it is important to try to prevent close contact from strangers on public transportation. 

Frequently Wash & Sanitize

It is vital to practice good hand hygiene at all times, but even more so in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the best pandemic public transport tips is to carry hand sanitizer with you and to use it after touching objects in high-traffic areas.

However, you want to be sure that you don't overuse hand sanitizer. Making sure you also consistently wash your hands will help keep you safe and will keep your hands in good health. 

Modify Travel Plans

During certain times of the day, there is more traffic on public transportation. Because more people are traveling, it is beneficial to modify your travel plans to avoid the crowds in public transportation. While it may not be possible in some situations, try using less crowded methods of transport during peak travel times or simply travel a few minutes earlier or later than the rush. 

Avoid Touching Things on Public Transport

The easiest way to stay healthy while using public transportation is to avoid touching things as often as you can.

So many germs are spread from people on public transportation and can be passed to you when you touch surfaces. Even when shopping in stores, it is best to use contactless payments and pickups to avoid germs from others. 

Make Use of Health-Conscious Products

Sometimes it just is not possible to avoid touching things. Especially on public transportation, it is often necessary to hold onto railings or bars to keep your balance. By using health-conscious products, you can stay healthy while still using public transportation.

The Frenka handle grip is a product that hooks onto bars on public transportation and leaves you with a clean handle grip that you can hold onto instead. This product also allows you to simply unhook it from the bar on public transportation and sanitize it. Using these types of products will give you peace of mind while you use public transportation!

Buy a Frenka Handle Grip Today

Using a Frenka handle grip is the easiest way to ensure your health while traveling on public transportation. It helps you avoid touching high-traffic areas, you can travel with more peace of mind. 

By following these work commute safety tips you can find ways to protect your health. Pre-order your Frenka grip today and see how we can help you stay safe while taking public transportation!

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